The 13+ Best Mailchimp Alternatives 2024 [Free & Paid]

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April 25, 2024

Mailchimp, by far, has been the most used email marketing and automation tool for five or six years. Mailchimp has provided the best of its services to its customers, and that too, with excellent after-sales services and technical support.

There’s no doubt Mailchimp has provided its customers with the finest email marketing templates for some time. Still, several email marketing tools have recently evolved and are providing as exemplary services as Mailchimp.

Also, Mailchimp recently raised its pricing and has limited the number of emails in its free plans, making it quite expensive compared to other email marketing tools in the digital market realm that offer free plans with unlimited emails, which is more viable than Mailchimp. 

Mailchimp was widely used by several companies, digital marketers, bloggers, SEO experts, and small enterprises due to the ease of its use and the array of email templates that Mailchimp provides.

Pros and cons of Mailchimp

Whenever email marketing came to mind, Mailchimp was the first name that clicked. Here are some of the pros and cons of Mailchimp. You decide for yourself what works best for your business. 

Infographic: Pros and Cons of Mailchimp


1. User Experience

Mailchimp’s user experiences and interfaces are one of the best ones, and the uniqueness of the templates they offer makes it hard for your emails to land in the spam box.

2. Audience Segmentation

With the aid of Mailchimp, you can categorize your audience and keep tabs on who they are for different newsletters and other mailings. 

3. Integrations

The possibilities for integration are Mailchimp's most significant advantage. Integrations with Mailchimp are seamless and time and money-saving because it is compatible with many of the other tools and applications we employ daily for marketing

4. Tracking

You can track and evaluate your data to see whether your efforts are truly paying off. Knowing how well your email marketing campaigns are doing is a good thing. Even better would be to see how they stack up against comparable Mailchimp campaigns. This is one attribute that attracts more customers to opt for Mailchimp. 

5. Import Templates

What makes it unique is that you can also import your templates. Once a user creates a profile, they may utilize a variety of optimized templates on Mailchimp. Also, you're allowed to change the current templates if you'd like. You can customize templates using the drag-and-drop builder without any coding expertise.

6. Social media integrations

Mailchimp is excellent for social media and has cutting-edge capabilities to integrate with different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All your social media platforms can be directly aligned with your email marketing activities resulting in a successful marketing strategy.


A lot of these pros to Mailchimp, but with the evolution of free Mailchimp alternatives, Mailchimp has many cons that can’t be neglected. 

1. Pricing

The recently revised pricing structure did not come out with much flexibility. Mailchimp limited their free plan to only 2500 emails per month to a maximum of 500 prospects.Other plans that Mailchimp offers include their Essentials plans, Standard plan and premium plan. 

The essential plan has got 5000 email sends for $11/mo whereas the standard planincludes 6000 emails and 5 users. The premium plan that Mailchimp has to offer comes for $299/mo with a whooping 150,000 email sends for unlimited users. Whereas other cheaper alternatives like Mailmunch, Hubspot, SendinBlue, and others offer free templates and more emails to an extended number of clients. 

2. Compatibility

It's not always the greatest regarding Mailchimp's compatibility with WordPress and PayPal. This makes it challenging for users to meet their goals when creating paid or subscription-based models.

The email marketing industry has evolved over the past few years, and many new marketing automation platforms have been introduced in the market, giving tough competition to Mailchimp.

3. Account Suspension

Mailchimp retains the purpose or effect of nullifying your account without prior notice if you get excessive unsubscribe notices or spam feedback regarding your emails. 

4. A restricted number of email lists

One last, the fact that Mailchimp only permits users to send mails to one list at a time is a compromise for many. You can alter that list, but you cannot simultaneously transmit to more than one existing follower. 

5. No room for customization 

The lack of design or template versatility in Mailchimp is one of its shortcomings. Although you may alter the provided templates, there is little space for inventiveness. There is no discretion over email design. Therefore, Mailchimp might not be the best choice if you want to create an email that sticks out and appears distinct from everyone else's.

13 Best Mailchimp alternatives in 2024

Let's look at some of the best Mailchimp alternatives in 2024.

1. Mailmunch

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Mailmunch

Mailmunch is one of the best email marketing platforms in 2024. Comprising all the email marketing solutions at cost-effective prices has made it one of the best email automation platforms. Mailmunch provides the most personalized email templates for almost every niche out there. 

The email marketing features that Mailmunch offers are different from what others are offering. Mailmunch helps you grow your audience by providing tailored email marketing solutions and converting more website visitors into potential customers. 

With Mailmunch, you can display the opt-in form at the precise moment a user is most likely to convert. The backdrop, colors, and fonts are all within your control. Mailmunch helps you retain leads via mobile users, so you can get all of the leads and convert them into your potential customers. 

Compared to Mailchimp, Mailmunch provides 1,000+ eye-catching templates and creates a desire among the visitor to visit your website or the person receiving your email. Mailmunch’s lead-capturing tools are another plus. They let you have a complete eye on each of the visitors on your website via any of the sources, which help you keep in touch with them throughout the customer retention lifecycle. 


Mailmunch also offers the flexibility to create your package based on the number of emails. 

For everyone who runs a website and wants to expand their email list and keep in touch with their audience, Mailmunch is the ideal all-in-one solution. For a magnificently tailored email marketing solution, it additionally supplements this by offering cutting-edge email marketing and automation capabilities. Any website and any platform may run Mailmunch. 

Mailmunch offers native applications and plugins for Shopify, Wix, and WordPress users. You may quickly and simply construct layouts, and Mailmunch’s excellent customer service will leave you in awe.


Let us give you a snippet of the pricing, features, and benefits of Mailmunch. You can choose anyone of your choice, monthly or annual billing cycle with Mailmunch.

1. Annual billing

Plan Pricing Contacts Campaigns Features
Premium $13.99/mo 1000 Unlimited "Abandoned cart emails (Shopify, Advance Analytics, Drip emails, custom domain)"

2. Monthly billing

Plan Pricing Contacts Campaigns Features
Premium $19.99/mo 1000 Unlimited "Abandoned cart emails (Shopify, Advance Analytics, Drip emails, custom domain)"

2. Omnisend 

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Omnisend

Omnisend's integrated email and SMS campaigns enable you to interact with your customers wherever they are. They feature built-in, swappable templates so you can provide your customers with the personalized, repetitive experience they need - all through a single platform. 

Omnisend has won a Stevie Award for outstanding customer service and received over 4,000 5 stars. Omnisend offers marketing following purchases, welcome series, cart abandonment, and other premium templates to get your business the boost it always wanted.

Compared to Mailchimp, Omnisend’s pricing is lower, and the set of features is either the same or differs a bit from Mailchimp. You can drag-and-drop multiple channels into a single process using Omnisend. 

  1. Email 
  2. Sms  
  3. Web-push notifications

You can get things up and running since Omnisend has pre-built templates. You can make any improvements if you'd like via drag-and-drop automation builder. Additionally, while Mailchimp performs a respectable job with eCommerce, Omnisend wins the race courtesy of a few handy features.


Some of the critical features of Omnisend are listed as follows 

  • Marketing Automation 
  • Email Marketing 
  • SMS
  • Web-push notifications
  • Pop-ups and Forms 
  • Reports 
  • Segmentations
  • Audience sync for ads 
  • Pre-built eCommerce Workflows
  • Drag & Drop Automation Editor
  • Automation Splits
  • Customer Lifecycle Stages
  • Shopping and on-site behavior
  • Message engagement
  • And many more variables


Omnisend has tailored packages for you that will cost you less and enhance functionality. 

Plan Pricing Contacts Google Customer Match Features
Free $0/mo 250 Contacts, up to 500 emails, 60 SMS, up to 500 web-push notifications Included Email automation, SMS, MMS, pre-built flows, custom workflows, A/B testing
Standard $16/mo 500 Contacts, 6,000 emails/mo, 60 SMS, unlimited web push Included, Customer Success Manager from $400 Conditional content blocks, automation splits, personalized recommendation
Pro $59/mo 500 contacts, unlimited emails, 3,933 SMS, unlimited web push Included Advance reports, 24/7 priority support

3. Moosend 

Best Mailchimp Alternatie: Moosend

Moosend is yet another alternative to Mailchimp. People are drawn to Moonsend because of its affordable pricing, wide assortment of responsive email designs, and sophisticated profiling. They also offer fantastic marketing automation tools.

Deliverability on Moosend does need some adjustment. Hence, keep a careful check on campaign productivity levels. 

By reviving your customer’s memory with Moosend's super-effective cart abandonment email automation and recovering missed transactions with timely emails, you can win your consumers back every time. For all these reasons, Moosend is one of the top email marketing services and is a cheaper Mailchimp alternative. 


A sneak peek into some of the features of Moosend is as follows:

  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • CRM Tools
  • Landing Pages
  • Subscription Forms
  • Marketing Automation
  • eCommerce AI
  • Product Recommendation
  • Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Custom Reports


Plan Pricing Contacts Account Manager Features
Free $0/mo Unlimited Emails, Automation Workflows, one landing page, 1 form Not Included Email automation, SMS, MMS, pre-built flows, custom workflows, A/B testing
Pro $9/mo Unlimited Emails, Automation Workflows, landing page, form, SMTP server. Not included Conditional content blocks, automation splits, personalized recommendation
Enterprise Quote on Demand All pro features, Account manager, priority support, SSO, SAML, dedicated IP Included Automation Workflows, personalized recommendation

4. ActiveCampaign

Best Mailchimp Alternative: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign can help you build engaging email campaigns, promotions, and newsletters that engage your consumers. You may effectively adapt your communication to give them precisely what they want. A complete email and SMS platform that helps you build strong connections that will convert into your potential clients in the later stages of the process. 


ActiveCampaign offers a landing page builder within itself, with the aid of which you can easily create eye-catchy landing pages for your business.

ActiveCampaign has recently raised the size of its contact list and the difference is huge, which means you can reach out to more contacts at a lower cost than Mailchimp. Mailchimp's free plan has now reduced the contact list size and sending ratio per month, so ActiveCampaign has a plus with a lot more to offer. 

ActiveCampaign helps you reach the customer at every stage of your customer lifecycle journey, It allows active website tracking, email marketing, segmentation, and subscription forms.

Also, ActiveCampaign helps you in marketing automation, so you can quickly run your campaigns on autopilot; it's just your strategy that stands out. 

The finest thing about using ActiveCampaign is the Machine learning algorithms they offer. Every email, call, and sale has data. But it's useless if you can't utilize that information to guide your decisions. Active Campaign, via its Machine learning concepts, helps you connect timely with your prospects so the maximum can be nurtured and converted into a sale. 

ActiveCampaign also offers a sales suite and CRM for Sales automation and allows you to track all the activity on your recent campaigns. The sales suite has much to offer in which you can get 

APIs, webhooks, developer Tools, unlimited inactive contacts, 500+ automation recipes

870+ integration.


Here’s the pricing plan for ActiveCampaign

Plan Pricing Features
Lite $29/mo Unlimited Email Sending, Drag & Drop Email Builder, Segmentation, Site, and Event Tracking
Plus $49/mo Landing Pages, Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook Custom Audiences, Contact Scoring
Professional $149/mo Website Personalization, Predictive Content, Predictive Sending, Conversion Reporting
Enterprise On demand Quotes Custom Objects, Custom Reporting, and much more

5. SendinBlue

Best Mailchimp Alternative: SendinBlue

Sendiblue is another good Mailchimp alternative. It offers compatibility with other tools and customer support to the users. With several high-quality layouts and a clean email builder, it also includes many capabilities, including segmentation and marketing automation. 

With Sendinblue's integrated signup form, you may create a WhatsApp Business account. You can create unique campaigns in only a few minutes by connecting straight from the interface!

When it comes to list management and marketing automation processes, SendinBlue is another excellent substitute for MailChimp. Additionally, it can be used to send transactional emails and SMS marketing. 


  • Whatsapp campaigns 
  • Sales CRM 
  • Transactional emails
  • SMS marketing 
  • Chats 
  • Segmentation 
  • Landing pages 
  • Signup forms
  • Facebook ads 
  • Email heat maps


Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo 300 emails/day, Customizable Email Templates, Drag & Drop Editor, SMS & WhatsApp Campaigns,
Starter $25/mo 20k emails/month, No daily sending limit, No Sendinblue logo, Basic reporting & analytics, Email support
Business $65/mo From 20k emails/month, Marketing Automation, A/B testing, Send time optimization, Multi-user access,
Enterprise $1000/mo Enterprise-grade Security, Advanced Integrations, Sub-account Management, Tailored Onboarding, Flexible contract

6. MailerLite

Best Mailchimp Alternative: MailerLite

MailerLite is another cheaper Mailchimp alternative with all the solutions others offer. A complete email automation solution tailored to the customer's needs. Mailer Lite is one email marketing platform that has a cheaper premium plan as compared to Mailchimp. 

You can smoothly run your email campaigns and harness marketing automation as well. All the features offered by Mailchimp are available within Mailer Lite at much more affordable rates. 


Some of the key features of Mailer lite are as follows: 

  • Email automation 
  • Newsletter editor 
  • Website builder 
  • Blog builder 
  • Landing pages
  • Subscription forms 
  • Ipad subscribe app 
  • Email verifier
  • Paid news subscriptions


Let's dig into the pricing list of MailerLite

Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo 12,000 monthly emails, one user, Email support, drag and drop editor, ten landing pages, Sign-up forms, and Pop-Ups.
Growing business $9/mo Unlimited monthly emails, three users, 24/7 support, Auto resend campaign, Unsubscribe page builder.
Advance $19/mo Unlimted monthly emails, unlimited users, custom HTML editor, multiple triggers in automation, preference center
Enterprise Custom Pricing Unlimited monthly emails, unlimited users, dedicated IP and deliverability consultation, Custom newsletter design, dedicated success manager.

With MailerLite, each customer has 30 days to test selected premium features. Charitable organizations are entitled to a 30% discount on MailerLite's premium features.

7. Klaviyo

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Klaviyo

Another powerful email marketing platform is Klaviyo. You can build sophisticated segments based on browsing and purchasing history, abandoned shopping carts, and more. Klaviyo also has a list management tool specifically designed for product suggestions, making it simple to customize your offers and communications.

With integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, they strongly emphasize eCommerce platforms. With only a few clicks, Klaviyo connects without a hitch to your online store and other resources. Your consumer information is, therefore, always accessible and constantly updated.


Some features of Klaviyo are listed as follows:

  • Email 
  • SMS
  • Signup Forms
  • Ecommerce Automations
  • Pre-built templates 


Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo 1500 contacts, 500 monthly email sends, 150 SMS/MMS credits free, Email support
Email $45/mo 1500 contacts, 15000 monthly email sends, 150 SMS/MMS credits free, Email support
Email and SMS $60/mo (customizable) 1500 contacts, 15000 monthly email sends, 150 SMS/MMS credits free, Email support

8. AWeber

Best Mailchimp Alternative: AWeber

AWeber allows you to include affiliate links in your emails. However, Mailchimp forbids most affiliate links, even though the two services have many features and price options in common. If you do a lot of affiliate marketing, AWeber is the best solution for you. 

It has effectively evolved from a basic autoresponder to a full-fledged email marketing platform, making it one of the genuine stalwarts in the market. This email automation tool allows you to build marketing automation workflows. 

You can retain contact structure using AWeber's list segmentation tools. Through the rules you establish, you may utilize their automations to manage subscribers automatically. 


Some of the features AWeber comprises are as follows:

  • Autoresponder functionality and drip campaigns
  • List segmentation
  • 6,000+ stock photos to use in your emails
  • 700+ email templates and a drag-and-drop editor
  • Integrations with most popular services
  • Sign-up forms (also work as popups)


Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo 500 email subscribers, one landing page, one email automation, web push notifications, drag and drop builder, Sign-up Forms
Pro "As low as $16.15/mo(customizable)" Unlimited Email lists, Advance email automation, Detailed analytics, Split testing

9. Hubspot 

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Hubspot

Both sales and marketing teams may benefit from using HubSpot as a strong Mailchimp substitute. With its carefully built marketing, sales, and customer support solutions, HubSpot aids in the expansion of enterprises. 

With the help of HubSpot’s email marketing feature, you can utilize unique email templates, conduct A/B testing, and raise click through rates for your email campaigns. Hubspot maintains a thorough record of every encounter your contact has with your business, whether with your website pages or with your digital adverts, in addition to preserving the details of your subscribers. Through segmentation, Hubspot's CRM enables you to ensure that your communications are as pertinent as possible, increasing efficiency.

Within HubSpot, you can manage and monitor your online advertisements and link your ROI to the rest of your marketing initiatives. Nevertheless, when used in unison with the CRM and marketing automation platform, HubSpot's marketing solution truly shines.


Hubspot’s hot features include: 


Hubspot offers quite an affordable pricing plan covering all the features. 

Plan Pricing Features
Starter $45/mo 1000 contacts, You can add up contacts at $45/1000 contacts, form automation, email automation, Landing pages, live chat, email, and in-app chat support.
Professional $800/mo 200 contacts, ABM tools, and automation, dynamic personalization, contact and company scoring, multi-language contacts
Enterprise $3600/mo 10,000 contacts, Single sign-on, partitioning, hierarchical teams, permission sets, predictive lead scoring, and more

You can also buy multiple marketing contacts or the Dedicated IP Add-On for limitless email sends if you need to send even more than that.

10. ConvertKit 

Best Mailchimp Alternative: ConvertKit

ConverKit features everything an SMB needs for email marketing, including a straightforward user-friendly email builder and advanced analytics reports that show the most important parameters. 

ConvertKit lately announced a limited free plan. Here’s where Mailchimp takes the lead, but still, the premium plan of Converkit has to offer almost the same features as Mailchimp, but at a lower cost. 

You can deploy ConvertKit, especially to market and sell your digital goods and subscription services, for improved conversion rates and significant fee savings. You can offer your top subscribers and clients the attention they deserve while re-engaging others who may be drifting away with ConverKit's simple-to-use subscriber rating system. 


  • Landing Pages 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Email sign up Forms 
  • Email Automations
  • Easy Integrations 
  • A/B Testing  


Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo Unlimted landing pages, unlimited forms, unlimited broadcast for 300 contacts.
Creator $9/mo Audience segmentation and tagging, Live chat and email support, Third-party integrations
Creator Pro $25/mo Free migration from another tool, Subscriber scoring, advanced reporting, and more

11. Get Response

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Get Response

Get Response is one of the marketing automation tools competing with Mailchimp and giving high competition. Apart from basic marketing automation Get Response can help you segment your free users and premium customers and send them personalized emails separately. 

Your entire marketing funnel, including social advertisements, audience development, landing pages, and more, can be created, managed, and implemented with the aid of Get Response's brand-new "Autofunnel" function. Let's dig into some of the features that get response has to offer as the best free Mailchimp alternative. 


  • Email Automations
  • Email Builder
  • Auto-responder 
  • Email analytics
  • Market Automation Workflows
  • Stripe, Paypal integrations 


Plan Pricing Features
Free $0/mo Unlimited landing pages, one newsletter, Website builder, domain connectivity, Sign up forms and pop-ups
Email Marketing $15.58/mo Unlimited newsletter, Basic segmentation, email scheduling, integrations, and API's
Marketing Automation $48.38/mo Marketing automation, Event-based automation, Webinars, advance segmentation, contact scoring and sales funnel.
Email Marketing $97.58/mo Transactional emails, Abandoned cart recovery, promo codes, promo recommendations, Web push notifications

12. Constant Contact

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Constant Contact

Since its inception, Constant Contact has provided seamless services in the email marketing industry. It has a variety of features and is compatible when it comes to integrations, but it has no free plans, which makes it a bit lowkey. As compared to, Mailchimp provides a free plan, although, with a reduced number of contacts.

Anyways, let us have a look into the features Constant Contact has to offer. 


  • Segmentation 
  • A/B testing
  • Email Analytics 
  • Click maps 
  • Surveys 
  • Phone support 
  • Product recommendations


Plan Pricing Features
Core $0/mo You can customize the number of contacts, Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at once. Shopify and WooCoomerce integrations. Basic reporting
Plus $45/mo Price based on the number of contacts, automated communications, segmentation, and personalized communications.

13. Zoho 

Best Mailchimp Alternative: Zoho

Zoho is a Mailchimp alternative because of how much they have to offer and the fact that they provide a free plan. In terms of automation, Zoho is excellent; they provide processes for fostering, eCommerce, re-engagement, etc. 

Additionally, it provides robust email marketing tools like segmentation, A/B testing, dynamic content, and a CRM suit. One drawback of Zoho's free plan is that it excludes eCommerce connectors and intelligent marketing automation workflows.

Moreover, all of your emails will have Zoho Campaigns branding. The subscriber-based model is the only one with extensive workflows and eCommerce integration. The ability to easily add photos from Unsplash in the email builder is a plus that Zoho has to offer. 


  • Behavioral targeting 
  • Marketing automation workflows 
  • Multi-user accounts 
  • Social media Posting 
  • Zoho native CRM integration


Plan Pricing Features
Email Based Plan $32/mo Signup forms and lists, A/B testing, personalization, consent management
Subscriber Based Plan $54/mo Unlimited Emails, Autoresponders, Workflows, Batch sending, Email polls
Pay by Email credits $6/mo Pre-defined templates, personalization, A/B test, drag and drop editor.

Their subscriber-based plan is affordable and starts at less than $5 per month. The more subscribers you have, the more you'll notice differences, including somewhat greater functionality than Mailchimp Essentials.

14. EngageBay

EngageBay is a robust all-in-one marketing automation platform and a great alternative to Mailchimp. Its affordability, extensive features, and user-friendly interface have made it a popular choice for small businesses.

EngageBay's advanced segmentation and personalization features help you to target specific audiences and customize your content, leading to higher open and click-through rates. Its eCommerce AI feature offers product recommendations based on customer behavior, helping you to increase sales and customer engagement.

EngageBay's marketing automation tools are designed to save you time and increase your productivity with features like lead scoring, drip campaigns, and workflow automation. You can also track the success of your campaigns and analyze your data with EngageBay's reporting and analytics tools.


  • Email Marketing
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • CRM Tools
  • Subscription Forms
  • Marketing Automation
  • Drip campaigns
  • eCommerce AI
  • Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics


Plan Pricing No of Contacts Automation Features
Free $0/mo 250 Contacts Not included Segmentation, Predictive lead scoring, email templates, Autoresponders, Social Suite
Basic $14.99/mo 500 Contacts Not included Calling minutes, customer deal milestones, Ticket macros, canned responses
Growth $49.99/mo 500 Included Marketing automation, A/B testing, Timezone-based email delivery, call reports, proposals
Pro $99.99/mo Unlimited Included Proposal analytics, role management, call recordings, account-based marketing, APIs, Team hierarchy, Dedicated account manager


After all these platforms in the market, you’ll define and analyze every area that can benefit you. All aspects are equally important, from distinctive features that might assist you with specific marketing initiatives to crucial platform connectors. 

Mailchimp may be winning in some of the aspects, but now in 2024, there are several top Mailchimp alternatives that can save you a couple of bucks. The premium features may not be coming in the free plans of all the platforms discussed above, but you can pick the best suited for your business depending on the features they offer. 

Mailchimp is one of the finest platforms for those that only need a simple, cost-free service and have a limited number of subscribers. However, if you are looking for unlimited contacts, you should probably look out for other services than Mailchimp as their premium plans are a bit more costly than the others. 

Mailmunch is one email marketing automation platform considered the best Mailchimp alternative. When compared to Mailchimp, you can get all the essential email marketing features at a fraction of the cost that Mailchimp offers.

We hope this article helped you understand the major email marketing tools out there in the market. Define your needs, evaluate what suits best for your business and how much to spend on your email marketing campaigns. After evaluating all this, you can choose an email marketing software best tailored to your needs.

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