What Are Real Estate Email Templates? The A-Z Guide [2024]

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June 3, 2024

Nowadays, home buying is becoming increasingly digital. Agents can process documents and host open house viewing online through an audio-visual presentation. It's normal to see real estate agents bring their business online. 

The latest report from the National Association of Realtors highlighted first-time home buyers grew to 34 percent in 2021 from 31 percent in 2020.

With more buyers in the market, it's high time for real estate agents to adopt digital strategies to grow their businesses. How should they start? 

The answer is a robust email marketing strategy.

One of the fastest ways to reach prospective buyers is by developing short, direct, and customized email campaigns. 

Now, scroll down a bit before agonizing over what to write. This comprehensive guide will show you everything about real estate email templates. Start exploring!

What are Real Estate Email Templates?

A real estate email template is a predefined layout with set text or image elements. Instead of creating a new real estate email from scratch each time, you can use a template as a base. 

These email marketing templates often have drag-and-drop features that you can adjust based on your preferred style. These customized designs will only apply to the email and will not affect the e original template. 

Why are Real Estate Email Templates Important for Both Buyers and Sellers?

There are a few reasons buyers and sellers should use real estate email templates. 

Infographic: Importance of real estate email templates

1. Saves time

A survey showed that professionals spend an average of 3.1 hours of their workday reading and answering emails. An email template can save hours every week. That, in turn, increases productivity.

2. Streamlines document management

Using templates, you can store all the outlines in a single location. Selecting the appropriate one for your campaigns becomes effortless, making the document management process more efficient.

3. Improves email response rates

Fast communication is essential to gain an edge in the market. If you make your prospective clients wait for your response, they might seek answers elsewhere. Templates can reduce wait times between reception and response. 

4. Ensures brand consistency

If you have to create emails from scratch, it's difficult to maintain brand consistency. An email template makes it easier to craft consistent branded messaging for the same prospective buyer or seller

5. Reduces human errors.

Sending emails with spelling or grammatical errors can harm your reputation. Recipients can perceive you as less credible and reliable. An email template reduces the chances of human errors.

25 Best Real Estate Email Templates to Get Quality Leads

Now comes the most exciting part! We'll classify the best real estate email templates into two types: for buyers and sellers. Read on to find out more!

Email Templates for Buyers

When connecting with buyers, it's essential to personalize your emails. Start by greeting them with their first name, and write each email to address their pain point. Here are samples:

1. First showing follow-up email

Following the first property showing, you may want to sum up the day and offerings you showed your buyer. It'd be great to demonstrate your care by assessing what you have seen together.

Subject line: What do you think about three homes we saw?

Hi {{First name}},

I wanted to check on you after our showing last [provide day or date]. Allow me to go over some of the homes we visited to give you my insights as someone who has been in the industry for a while.

[Home #1 - Address]

I saw how this home matched all your preferences. It’s also great that the price fits your preferred budget. Although, I noticed that you might have overlooked the some repair issues. While it’s within your budget, you might even spend more on fixing these problems.

[Home #2 - Address]

This home has a gorgeous interior and fantastic address . But I’m worried that it’s beyond your price range. It doesn’t help that a lot of buyers are showing interest in this home. So it’s something you might want to consider when narrowing down your choices.

[Home # 3 - Address]

This home is perfect for your family size and is also within your budget. I know you also appreciate that it’s a short distance from your work and the kid’s school. I know you might think that it’s the best choice for you right now. However, I’ll be sending you a new set of listings that match your preferences.
Again, I’d like to remind you that I’d be here to guide you through the process. You can reach me ###) ###-#### or drop by my office anytime.
Best regards,
[Your signature]

2. Testimonial email

The home-buying process can be emotional. Tap into these feelings with carefully selected testimonials from a favorite client. 

Most buyers will gladly give you a glowing review, especially after a successful and seamless close. Don't forget to get your client's consent before including their name, photo, or feedback. 

If you want an easy recipe for delicious emails, learn from Archive. The brand shows four easy steps to add reviews from social media to your emails, which works very well!

Subject line: What home means to me

Hi {{First name}},

I hope you've browsed some market updates I sent over in the last email. If not, I have a detailed article here [link] to explain the current real estate business and position yourself as the best home buyer in the lot.
Nevertheless, negotiations between agents in this market are essential to close the deal on a home. I wanted to share a few stories about how I helped some clients find their perfect properties over the last few months.

[Insert client testimonial]

If you want to learn how I can help you look for a perfect fit like I did for [client name], hit this link to set up a meeting [link to an online meeting tool].

Best regards,
[Your signature]

3. Lender referral email template

Sourcing an appropriate lender and securing financial health is typically the most complicated aspect of the buying process. Use this lender referral template to turn your leads into active buyers.

Subject line: Lenders I trust

Hi {{First name}},

Here's the information about the lenders I promised you. I recommend you talk with them clearly to see what programs they offer.
This is the first step of your homebuying journey. Once you're pre-approved and know your purchasing power, we'll set up a home search and start finding some homes.
Let me know whom you decide to work with and how it goes!

[Insert contact info]

As usual, you can call me with concerns or questions anytime.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

4. Client retention email

Local deals on home products/services or information on increasing home value will keep you in buyers' minds when they move or ask for referrals next time. 

Subject line: Home sweet honey-do list

Hi {{First name}},

I hope you feel comfortable and happy in your new home!
The hard part is over, and I thought you'd be excited to learn how to boost your home value for the coming years. Here are several ideas:
  • [Home improvement project #1]
  • [Home improvement project #2]
  • [Home improvement project #3]
If you need recommendations on good electricians, carpenters, handypersons, etc., I'd be glad to share my favorites.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

5. Pre-approval email to the prospective buyer

Pre-approval letter shows that potential buyers can obtain financing. Besides, it helps the real estate agent and buyers decide the optimal price and tax range for their property search. It narrows down options and makes the selection process more effective. 

Subject line: {{First name}}, here's how to get pre-approved!

Hi {{First name}},

Homebuying is one of the most significant decisions in your life, and it can be intimidating for anyone. My target is to help you understand the intricacies of the process. Find out how to best serve you in addressing and catering to your particular needs.
The first step is getting pre-approved. This step shows sellers that you're serious about buying and helps speed up the process once they accept your offer.
Here's an article on how to get your pre-approval: [article link].
Let me know if you need more guidance or have questions about taking this first step!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

6. Real estate email newsletter

By crafting a compelling subject line in your email newsletter, you can grab your reader's attention immediately. Even if your prospect isn't currently looking to buy real estate, this subject line will impress them and tempt them to open. 

Subject line: Top 3 reasons you should buy a home now

Hi {{First name}},

Are you still on the fence about buying a home? I believe now's the time to make your dream home come true and start building your future. Here's why:
  • Reason 1
  • Reason 2
  • Reason 3

Have I convinced you yet? I know it's one of the most significant decisions in your life, so if you would like to talk more, schedule the meetingtime on my calendar here [calendar link] or meet me online via [meeting tool].

Best regards,
[Your signature]

7. Renter converting to a buyer follow-up email

If you know many renters, you've got a wealth of potential buyers on your hands. You should convince them of the value of owning a home while connecting them with the appropriate resources to make it a reality. 

Subject line: What are your next steps?

Hi {{First name}},

I want to send you some local market data highlighting buying opportunities in [neighborhood name] we discussed last [day].
The economy is constantly changing, but owning a home is the key to building generational wealth. I'd be honored to help you start this exciting journey.
Does [day and time] sound good to do a Zoom call or meet up to talk more?
Please let me know what you think!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

8.Thank you email

Home buyers have many choices, and they choose you! Show your appreciation with a thank you note and even a small gift. Bottles of wine, bouquets, or complimentary dinners are appreciation gestures that will go a long way.

Subject line: Thank you!

Hi {{First name}},

I hope you and [family member/pet names] feel comfortable and happy in your new home.
It was a pleasure working with you, and I want to say thanks for choosing me as your realtor. I'm honored that you considered me during this critical process.
If you have questions over the next few weeks and months, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm always happy to help you.

Happy nesting,
[Your signature]

9. Under contract email

When a house is no longer for sale, buyers will find it disappointing, especially if it ticks their boxes. In this case, you should move quickly to offer a solution, such as introducing other homes. 

Add a sentence acknowledging the market's competitiveness to provide a sense of urgency at the end. Besides, it shows your understanding of the local real estate market, which boosts your authority.

Subject line: [Home address] went so fast, but I've got more!

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks a lot for your interest in the [property address]. It was great to meet you. As you've probably heard, it's currently under contract.
I know it’s a bit disappointing, but I've good news for you! Other homes in this area are coming soon, and I'd be glad to arrange an early or private showing just for you.
You may know that [neighborhood] is a competitive area, but with my expertise, I'm sure we can find the perfect house for you!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

10. Open house or showing follow-up email

Whether you've connected with the prospect through an open house or private showing, it's always wise to follow up. Thank them for their time, and don't forget to remind them of the house's most attractive attributes. 

Subject line: It's nice to meet you at [address]!

Hi {{First name}},

It was a pleasure meeting you at [street address] yesterday. I hope you got an excellent feel of the house and the [property's benefits - i.e., lovely pool, beautiful view, huge living room].
I have similar properties available nearby if you're interested in this area. They have many beautiful qualities that [address] has, with several surprises! I'd gladly arrange a private showing for you on [date and time].
Please let me know if it works for you!
Thanks again for stopping by!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

11. Open house or showing thank you email

You can keep the momentum by offering other properties for your prospects to view. With this real estate template, you won't waste time getting your prospects interested in the next set of houses. 

Subject line: Thanks for stopping by!

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks for stopping by yesterday! What do you think about [home address]? Does it meet your expectations?
I want to share other similar properties for sale in the neighborhood. I'd be glad to arrange appointments to view these homes if you're interested:
  • Property 1
  • Property 2
  • Property 3
Homes in this area are spending around [number] days on the market, so let me know if you desire to get a head start!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

12. Open house feedback request

Adding feedback questions to your email helps to guide the chat with prospects. Besides, you can determine if the listing price makes sense and if the home will sell fast. You can also send relevant listings if they want to explore more. 

Subject line: What do you think of [address], {{First name}}?

Hi {{First name}},

Thank you for stopping by the open house at [home address] yesterday!
I'm reaching out because I would love to hear your honest feedback, the good and the bad. Please tell me about your experience during the open house.
What were your impressions of the home? Is the price okay with you? How did the home compare to others that you've seen?
Your feedback will help me create better experiences in the future.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

13. Follow-up email to clarify buyer's specific needs 

Clarifying questions about prospects' needs will help you narrow down the scope of homes you show to them. By doing so, you can identify a few listings that fit their requirements, allowing you to increase efficiency. 

Subject line: [Your name] here with a quick question

Thanks again for taking the time to talk about buying a home with me on [conversation date]. I'm sure that I can help you find the one you love. Here are a few questions to help me identify new listings to send you:
. Question 1
. Question 2
Your answers will help me to narrow down the search. Don't hesitate to contact me with any clarifications about your dream home.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

14. One-year follow-up email

This email helps generate referrals and maintain communication with old customers. Congratulate former clients on the first anniversary of buying their house, and encourage them to contact you if they need assistance. 

Moreover, encourage them to refer your services to their friend or family member who may need to buy or sell a house. 

Subject line: {{First name}}, it's your first house anniversary!

Hi {{First name}},

I hope you're enjoying the first year in your new house and settling in nicely with your family. But if there's anything you need help with, feel free to let me know.
As you might know, the real estate business depends on relationships. Therefore, if you know anyone looking to buy or sell in [neighborhood], I'd be honored if you'd pass on my contact details to them.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

Templates for Sellers

Maintaining a good relationship with sellers can help expand your network and boost your business. It's critical to showcase your years of experience in the industry. Here are some helpful email templates you can use: 

15. Contact with seller

Here's a great email template you can use for the second contact with a seller. In this email, try offering a free and custom home valuation report to show your value to clients.

Subject line: {{First name}}, let's chat about selling your home!

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks again for chatting with me last [conversation date] about selling your property on [location]. Is [discussed date range] still your timeline for selling your house?
I strive to make your selling process as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. I'll create a home valuation report for your home and contact you shortly with the completed information. If you have any questions, please email or call me at [number].
Thanks again for your valuable time!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

16. Home valuation offer

Sending potential sellers a home valuation offer shows that you're ready to start the home-selling process. It gives them an idea of your confidence level and market knowledge. You can start with an estimate instead of an exact value.

Subject line: How much is your house worth?

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks for inquiring about our valuation report for your house at [address].
I'll start working on your home valuation report as soon as possible. You'll receive the detailed information within [number] working days.
I'll consider the information provided on your contact form, along with data on recent house sales in [neighborhood].
Also, is there anything else I can help you with?
P.S. Getting a home sold above the asking price is my superpower. Still don't believe me? Would it be okay to grab a coffee and talk about it?

Best regards,
[Your signature]

17. Listing presentation follow-up email

Following up on your listing presentation is crucial, especially if you didn't get a signature. This email opens the door for more conversations and demonstrates the urgency of listing homes sooner rather than later.

Subject line: Thank you!

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks again for allowing me to visit your cozy home to discuss selling it for the best price. According to our discussion, my valuation for your home is [amount of money]. It's based on my [years] of experience, [number] reliable data points, and scientific prediction for what your home will sell.
Interest rates are rising quickly, and the markets are becoming uncertain. Sticking to the timeline and getting your house on the MLS by [date] is the key to getting that price.
I know I gave you a ton of information to digest, so please feel free to call me if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always willing to help!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

18. Tips to help sellers attract buyers

Clients are often occupied with other tasks and might miss the best practices to fast-track the home selling process. However, you can save the day with proactive communication. 

Subject line: Unlock [number] tips to attract buyers for your property.

Hi {{First name}},

As per our last talk about selling your house, we discussed a few tweaks to make your house pop with prospects.
I've compiled some articles with tips to get you started. Some of my other clients tested these tips and left positive feedback. A few links are right below:
  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Link 3
Check them out, and feel free to shoot me any questions.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

19. Expired listing email (if listing agent)

In this case, acknowledge the seller's natural frustration but don't apologize. You've done everything you can to sell their property. 

Instead, show confidence by explaining the benefits of sticking with you. Be clear and straightforward, and don't lean on emotion. Remember to end with a CTA (call to action) to encourage them to book a time with you to discuss this in greater depth. 

Subject line: Let's try a fresh approach!

Hi {{First name}},

Your listing has expired. I know you're frustrated and may have other agents offering to sell your home. You have the right to shop your new listings around. However, here's why you should stick with me.
I understand your home inside and out. I have been carefully collecting buyer feedback, monitoring other houses in the area, and having an intimate familiarity with what makes your house unique.
I'm prepared with new limited-service options with discounted commissions to help you save money.
I have a thorough action plan for how we can move forward and sell your house in a few weeks. I'd love to discuss it with you over the phone or in person at your most convenient time. You can book a convenient time on my calendar here [link].
I'm determined that we can find the right buyer!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

20. Expired listing email (if not listing agent)

This email aims to acknowledge the seller's feelings, restate their problems, and offer solutions. Keep your message straightforward.

Subject line: Let's sell your home now!

Hi {{First name}},

Your listing for [address] expired recently.
You're probably frustrated, overwhelmed, and impatient. Set your worries aside.
I've sold [number] homes in [neighborhood name] in an average of [number] days. I apply innovative marketing techniques and experience gained during [number] years working in the [city] area.
I have some ideas on how to get your home back on the market , and I'd love to hear your opinions. If interested, grab some time on my calendar here [link to an online meeting tool].

Best regards,
[Your signature]

21. Home sales report email

Offering market reports help strengthen your position in the market. You must get it right. Analyze the market and share your insights with sellers to help them decide. These reports also help you become a market leader in recipients' eyes. Try this template to get straight to the point. 

Subject line: Annual home sales report

Hi {{First name}},

This report details how the [name] housing market performed in [year] and what is waiting ahead for [year].
Discover statistics about home sales, values, prices, and other vital data during the next 12 months here [link] in my in-depth report.
I want to become your go-to resource to help you with real estate questions. Feel free to contact me anytime!

Best regards,
[Your signature]

22. Reconnecting with previous clients 

Real estate agents initially considered this approach a phone script. Recently, it has worked effectively as an email template and a means of reconnecting with a past client. 

Subject line: It's nice to reconnect with you!

Hi {{First name}},

I’m [your name] from [agency name]. It's been a while since we worked together selling your house at [address].
How have you and your family been?
Now that we are back in touch, I'd be happy to offer you a home appraisal if you feel interested. Or, if you want any changes around your house, I'd be glad to recommend some reputable landscapers, decorators, and contractors.
If you know someone planning to sell or buy, please share my contact details with them. I highly appreciate referrals from past clients.
Please contact me soon if you have any real estate or home-related concerns.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

 23. Email to potential sellers

Home sellers would appreciate it if you could send them the latest data on how much their home is worth. This email will increase the chances of meeting them online or in person, allowing you to learn more about their goals.

Subject line: Buyers are interested in your house

Hi {{First name}},

Do you know that buyers are interested in your neighborhood? This is excellent news because the inventory is low, and the demand is high.
If you want to list your home, I'd love to share some comparative market analysis. Don't hesitate to set up a quick 15-minute call with me here: [link].

Best regards,
[Your signature]


24. Feedback report about the open house to the seller

While an open house is one of the most exciting events to pick up buyers, it's also great to express the effort you're putting in for your seller. 

Subject line: Open house visitors' feedback & results

Hi {{First name}},

I want to follow up with you to report the feedback and results from our open house last Sunday. Here's a brief overview:
  • Number of guests: [number]
  • Guest feedback: [number] of guests mentioned the lovely pool and large backyard as their favorite parts. The most common criticism was about the lack of windows in the bedroom.
  • Next steps: I'm working with our graphic designers to mock up what the bedroom would look like with a skylight installed. Then, I'll show it to prospective buyers, so they can visualize a quick renovation that would add light to the bedroom.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

 25. Handling objection email

If a seller approaches you for a discount, this email template will help you decline without compromising the relationship.

Subject line: Why should you avoid discount brokerages?

Hi {{First name}},

Thanks for your email. We're always willing to help you sell your home.
But as we are a full-service brokerage, we don't offer discounts to provide the best possible service. We spend our fees on giving your property all the exposure it needs and helping you make it at the best possible price. Once you've factored in your home's selling price, brokerage charges will become a bare minimum.
We found that the home's selling price is often much lower with discount brokerages. That's because buyers try to low-bid the houses when they know the seller opted for fewer services. I hope you understand this situation.
Given your property and market condition, there's a lot you can gain from proper exposure. If you're interested, please let me know.

[Your signature]

7 Tips for Writing Effective Real Estate Emails

Employ the following seven tips to craft an effective real estate email template.

Infographic: 7 Tips for writing effective real estate emails

1. Keep Paragraphs Short & Simple

No one has the time to read a 10-paragraph email, so it's vital to keep paragraphs short and straightforward. You want to get your message across immediately. 

Studies have pointed out that the sweet spot of email marketing is between 50 and 125 words. Simplify your emails. Ditch long paragraphs. Use concise bullet points. This tip works for those reading emails from both mobile devices and desktops. 


Hi {{First name}},

A quick update on the house we saw last Sunday:
  • The listing has been on the market for [x] days
  • The seller is willing to negotiate the price.
  • The seller have received two new offers
Let me know how you want to move forward.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

2. Pay Attention to Your Subject Lines

Capture the reader's attention. The subject line should accomplish two things: 

  1. Impress recipients enough so that they open and read the email
  2. Imply the conclusion that you want recipients to accept

One way of doing this is to summarize the benefits of the request.


Hi {{First name}},

  • Subject line 1: [Name], are you ready for the next step?
  • Subject line 2: I’ve got an exciting update for you!
  • Subject line 3: Here’s the latest update on [property name]

3. Personalize the Emails to Build Relationships

Even when you're working with multiple clients at once, making every client feel like you value them is crucial. Email personalization advances customer relationships and improves your open rate.

You should include personal touches in each email you send to clients. For example:

  • Using your client's name
  • Adding a personalized opening line

The home buying and selling process are often challenging. Making your clients feel like you're always there to support them is key to engaging and retaining them.


Hi {{First name}},

Are we still on the same page on what you’re looking for in a home? I’ve found some listings you might be interested in.
Let me know how you want to move forward.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

4. Get the Timing Right

Your clients probably receive tons of emails daily, so ensure your message doesn't get lost in the shuffle. Scheduling when to send emails is essential.

Midweek days, such as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, are the prime days to send emails. Furthermore, mornings are the best time to send emails. The peak hour is 6 a.m., which isn't surprising because people start their day by checking emails on their smartphones. 

5. Remember to Follow up

It's hard to reach every lead right from the first message, especially when competing with hundreds of other senders. Following up is crucial if you'd like to maximize your potential conversions.

Focus on new leads who don't open your emails, and plan more focused follow-ups with those who opened but didn't respond. 


Hi {{First name}},

Did you get the update I sent you last week? I’m really excited to show you this new house. Would [date and time] ok with you to visit another property around [neighborhood].
Let me know.

Best regards,
[Your signature]

6. Track Your Progress

Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or email marketing platform to track your metrics. This will help you tweak your message as necessary.

7. A/B Test Your Emails

A/B testing is a process of analyzing two emails toward each other. You'd be examining two emails and deciding which one converts better.

When A/B testing your emails, you should test the following:

Get the Finest Real Estate Email Templates from Mailmunch

This ultimate guide should bring you closer to attracting new clients and generating new leads through email marketing. Maximize the impact of your message with the templates above, and you'll see positive changes. 

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