Top 12 Shopify Apps to use in 2021

John Davier
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October 27, 2021

One of the most compelling reasons for thousands of businesses to choose Shopify is the many robust and varied apps that support the platform. These apps help brands on many fronts with the aim of simplifying and streamlining various aspects of e-commerce retail and business. These apps are developed by some of the best developers in the world and fall into categories that will help your online store flourish. Some of the categories include email marketing, orders, shipping, store design, marketing, creating social proof, SEO optimization, and more. Some of these apps are free, while others require subscriptions or one-time payments.

Having a store design that is enticing and attractive is half the battle won when selling online. Customers are looking for an experience that is clean and easy to use while mirroring the aspirational tastes of the audience. The store design reflects the character and ethos of the brand.

Here, we discuss the 12 best Shopify apps to use in 2021.

1.  Sales Pop Master - Countdown by Autoketing

This app is built to support your eCommerce store with conversions. Potential customers sometimes need to be nudged into completing a transaction or purchase. This is where the app truly shines. It boosts the chances of conversion by addressing the issue on three fronts. One, it showcases social proof in the form of Sales Pop-overs. Research has shown that people are more likely to make a purchase if they see the product has been bought by their peers.

Second, the app creates a sense of urgency by employing countdown timers. You see this type of timer being used by Amazon, where the number of items still remaining will be shown. Lastly, the app offers a coupon code wheel which requires customers to put in their email address for the chance to win a coupon code or discount. Other features of the app include a quick view mode when the product’s name is clicked on and shows products added to the cart along with recent orders.

2. Sales Pop - Popup Notification by CartKit

This app is also designed in order to help you boost your conversion rate. With over 25 thousand active Shopify customers, this app is one of the most bankable and popular ones available. It employs the simple concept of sharing details of customers who have purchased from your store. It can collate a list of customers from as far back as two years in order to create robust social proof. The app is versatile enough to let you choose which pages to have the popup.

You also get to choose from an array of stunning designs so as to match the overall theme of your store. Lastly, one of the great features of the app is the analytics it offers with the ability to see insights on clicks, views, recent events and more. You can use this information to further customize your pop-overs.

3. MailChimp Forms by MailMunch

Most new business owners either do not know how to write code or do not have the budget to hire coders. Previously, this might have been a huge disadvantage to online store owners. However, apps like MailChimp Forms remove this hurdle with a few clicks of a button. The app is designed to collect emails from the store visitors which allows you to create effective and strategic email marketing campaigns. The app requires that you have a MailChimp account and you are good to go.

You can customize the forms to suit your store or preferences. You can entice potential customers with discounts in order to collect their emails. The app allows you to display the forms on specific pages that you select or on entry/exit. With a robust analytics feature, you can gauge which forms, pages or coupons offer the most conversion.

4. Google Customer Reviews by AdNabu

Google Reviews is a treasure trove for online stores. It is a free service offered by Google wherein customers can provide feedback based on their experience. Businesses can benefit greatly by joining the Google Reviews program since they can view their product ratings and reviews. It also shows potential customers’ social proof and that the business stands by their product.

With the Google Customer Reviews app by AdNabu, you can automatically showcase the Google Reviews badge and collect valuable feedback and reviews of your store and products. This badge is customizable to suit your store’s theme and look. You will be able to show an aggregated rating out of 5. However, this feature is available only if you amass more than 100 reviews in any particular country.

5.  Loox - Photo Reviews by Loox

One of the biggest hurdles customers find when shopping online, particularly at new stores, is the inability to see the actual product. What is usually shown in the store are highly produced images, which might not be indicative of the actual product. This is where photo reviews play a big role. Loox allows customers to post reviews with photos, which is a great way to boost conversion with social proof.

With the app, you can send automatic requests for photo reviews with the incentive of discounts and other offers. The app lets you fully customize the look of the reviews so that you can curate a beautiful gallery of photo reviews that are compelling to potential customers. Even the email requests are fully customizable with the ability to add your brand’s logo. The app is also integrated with Google Shopping which allows for photo reviews to be shared on the search engine.

6. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

According to the most recent research, 88% of potential customers would be more likely to shop online if they were offered free shipping. In the age of Amazon Prime, customers have come to expect free delivery even if they have to pay a slightly higher price for it. With the Free Shipping Bar, you can promote your free shipping offers with cart goals. The app allows you to target the offers based on locating, time, devices, and page.

The bar is also customizable and can be designed to reflect holiday sales and offers. It also has the auto-currency detection feature, which converts the free shipping amount in real-time conversion. You can track and boost your sales with free shipping offers, and this app helps you reach your goals without needing the knowledge of writing code.

7. Ultimate Sales Boost by Hextom

This app is designed with the single aim of helping online store owners increase their sales through various tools and techniques. Online sales require an additional nudge at times, especially since there is no salesperson or physical product to experience. There are many tried and tested features that provide that extra boost, which can be incorporated through the Ultimate Sales Boost app.

It features a countdown timer and low stock countdown in order to generate the notion of scarcity and urgency. Shoppers want a good deal and one that they know their peers have already acted upon. With these timers and countdowns, potential customers get a real-time indication of the popularity of a product or deal. A new feature of the app is the BOGO upsell message that you can use to boost sales.

8. SEO Booster - SEO Marketing by Secomapp

The app is a one-stop solution to all your SEO needs. Even if you have over 1000 products, the app will make your store SEO friendly and help you get Google-ready in just a few minutes. The app provides true insights where you can find your SEO score and your page rank. This will help you streamline your store to become more accessible to potential customers. The app works automatically once you have set it up.

9. EU Cookie Bar - Cookie GDPR by Booster

The EU requires any website or online store to acquire consent for using cookies from visitors. This app informs visitors of the same, and once the customer has agreed, the bar is hidden. Even if you do not have customers in the EU, it is best that you use the EU cookie bar on your store in order to deflect any future conflicts.

10. Growave ‑ Reviews, Loyalty ++ by Growave

This cost-efficient app lets you find solutions to your needs and replace 4-7 apps. The main thing is that you can get a loyalty program, photo reviews, a wishlist with reminders, referral marketing, shoppable Instagram galleries, social login, UGC, and more in one place! Growave is perfect for small and medium-sized Shopify businesses.

Each mentioned app inside Growave is feature-rich, not to mention the customer support team, which is available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone. This is reflected from their Shopify App store reviews with having an average review rating of 4.9 from more than 1100 reviews.

The main part of the app is that you can still get the Free version of the app and leverage from reviews, wishlist, and social login forever or upgrade us you grow. There are no hidden fees or extra costs for orders if you decide to get the paid plan, the price you pay remains the same.

11. LitExtension

LitExtension offers a convenient way to migrate your shopping cart data to Shopify with accuracy and security.

The process is simple and straightforward and doesn't require any technical or coding skills. It only takes three simple steps to perform a migration. The app also ensures no downtime for your current shopping cart, which means it will serve customers normally, without a sale lost!

Once the migration process starts, you don't need to keep your browser open or sit and wait for the process to complete. Focus on other tasks and get notified by email when the migration is done.

12. Reveal by Omniconvert

REVEAL is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps merchants understand and predict their customers' behavior to improve what matters most in eCommerce: Customer Lifetime Value. Complex data is made easy to understand and visualize, reveal insights, and Reveal will help merchants treat customer segments accordingly on every marketing channel.

What Reveal does best is to help merchants increase their lifetime value, loyalty and customer retention through advanced buying behavior segmentation (RFM), Customer Value Optimization, enhanced email marketing, and more.


The Shopify domain of apps is large and varied with solutions to even the most minute problems or situations. It was designed in order to give store owners the freedom and flexibility of being ready to sell without having to invest in heavy code or technical knowledge. Now, with just a few clicks of a button, you can create and execute an in-store experience that is parallel to the best websites in the world. Do take a look at the Shopify App Store and gauge which apps provide the best benefits to your store.

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