10 Simple Tips to Execute Effective Holiday Email Marketing

John Davier

John Davier

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November 28, 2018

This is a guest post submitted by Katie Johnson from InboxArmy

The retail e-commerce market earns the most revenue during the holiday season. In fact, a whopping 2.36 billion US dollars are spent online during the season of Black Friday alone. So, if you too want your revenues to soar high this holiday season, start by leveraging email marketing. After all, 82% of marketers consider it the most effective channel for driving conversions. Moreover, with 82% of shoppers looking forward to purchasing holiday gifts online, leveraging email marketing becomes all the more important for any marketer. Here's how you can optimize your holiday email campaign and drive ample ROI. Take a look.

1. Start with re-engagement emails

Holiday seasons are a great time to reconnect with lost or inactive subscribers. Therefore, start re-engaging them with special discount emails, product samples, coupons, etc. Also, you can even allure those inactive subscribers with free holiday gifts and incentives and see how they drive your ROI by becoming active like never before.

2. Opt for holiday teaser emails

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, starting early is the key. Remember, customers, begin researching and shopping for holidays way before the holiday season comes. This is where you must use holiday teaser emails and arouse your customers’ anticipation and excitement. Give your subscribers a preview of the special offers, new products that they are going to get during the holiday season. It’s a sure-fire technique of driving conversions and ROI. See how FOSSIL does the needful by giving early access to customers for its Christmas sale.

Fossil Holiday Teaser Mail

3. Leverage cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment emails are a great way of escalating revenues during the high-peak holiday season. Customers who otherwise abandon their carts for reasons like complex payment process, high delivery charges, products getting out of stock, etc. can be motivated to return and make a purchase by giving them strong incentives like free shipping, suggestions for relevant products, etc.

4. Segment and personalize through predictive analytics

You can target your customers by segmenting and personalizing your holiday email campaigns too. The best way of doing that is by using predictive analytics. You can approach a professional email marketing agency in case you need help in doing so.

It lets you predict your customers’ behavior by considering their purchased history, recently browsed products, etc. and give them smart and personalized product recommendations. Moreover, it can also be used for segmenting your customer list on criteria like demography, gender, job profile, buying power, etc. and make your overall holiday email campaign more relevant for your subscribers.

5. Send post-purchase emails

Another smart way of driving sales and ROI during the holiday season is by enticing customers through post-purchase emails. All you need to do is send a triggered email the moment a customer makes a purchase. These emails can include anything from product recommendations to offers and discounts on future purchases.

6. Keep your email campaign responsive and interactive

With monthly active mobile internet users predicted to reach an amazing 80.07% of the total population by 2022, it becomes critical to make your email campaign mobile responsive. Especially, holiday email campaigns where chances of conversions and boosting ROI is the highest. Further, including interactive elements such as GIFs, CSS animations, videos, kinetic images in your holiday campaign can work a great deal in grabbing the customer’s attention while increasing their loyalty towards your brand. Take a look at Pandora’s interactive Thanksgiving email.

Pandora's Interactive Thanksgiving Email

7. Take help of product reviews

Customers today are well-informed and do extensive research before purchasing anything. Thus, try leveraging this tendency of customers and ask your satisfied customers to review their purchased product on your website. You can include these positive reviews within your holiday email campaign. It will help you convince new prospects to trust your brand and encourage them to make their holiday purchase from you.

8. Work toward landing page optimization

Having an optimized landing page is a critical aspect of any email campaign. So, if you want to drive conversions, make sure you work towards proper optimization of your landing page. After all, once the customer has opened and click-through your holiday email, the next step is conversion. And it can only be done through a relevant landing page which is easy to navigate and has an essence of your brand within it.

Remember, if the customer finds your landing page difficult to read and understand, they will get frustrated and leave it instantly. Therefore, keep a check on your landing page fonts, CTAs, design, layout and make sure it resonates with your email campaign and makes the whole conversion process smooth for the customer.

9. Include countdown timers

Countdown timer emails are the best way of tapping on the customer’s tendency of FOMO, i.e., fear of missing out. Thus, when the holiday season is near, start sending a series of countdown emails to your subscriber list and make them impulsive. From free shipping to a specific date to an offer that expires soon, you can send a variety of countdown emails to drive sales and make the most out of your holiday email campaign. It will boost your ROI and give you an edge over competitors. See how Chop Chop makes use of countdown timer in a creative way.

Chop Chop uses countdown timer in their email

10. Analyze last year's holiday email performance

Keeping a check on your previous year’s holiday campaign performance will give you a clear idea about your strong and weak points. While you can further leverage your strong points, rectifying your weak points can enhance your email campaign performance for the current year.

Also, you can A/B test your holiday email campaign and get an insight into what works best for your brand. From optimal sending time to the subject line that resonates with subscribers the most, you can test it all and give your customers the best buying experience this holiday season. Avail email marketing services from an experienced professional or agency to understand the technicalities involved herein.

Final thoughts

You can drive the best of results from your holiday email campaign by opting for a well-planned strategy and implementing it effectively. The above-mentioned points will help you strategize your email campaign well while driving conversions, traffic, and ROI that you look forward to.

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