Ideal Email Banner Size for 2024 [9+ Tips & Examples]

Aqsa Mughees
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May 14, 2024

How wide is exactly wide when it comes to an email banner? It has become a million-dollar question keeping in mind the different devices and mobile screens people use to open their emails.

But before we begin, we need to understand what an email banner is and why it has become an essential aspect of email marketing

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What is an email banner?

An email banner is a high-quality image usually placed at the top of the email to determine the email's tone and aesthetics. However, it is not the same as the email signature banner used at the bottom of the mail.

email banner

An email banner can also be known as a marketing banner that you frequently use to build awareness for your business and display your brand name and logo. 

Why is the size of the email banner important?

Firstly, we all agree that the primary goal of sending a promotional banner is to acquire more customers, generate more sales, and increase the brand's awareness.

Adding a banner image in your email has proven to be a great way to increase engagement. It has shown to have a click-through rate of approximately 10% because that pop of color with important announcements tends to grab attention. 

However, signature email banners usually contain essential information like the contact details of a brand and links to unsubscribe to comply with the anti-spam laws. As a business, you would want your email to directly enter the customer's inbox rather than ending up in the spam folder.

An effective email banner allows you to use engaging images, your brand logo, etc., to set you apart from hundreds and thousands of emails in your audience's inbox.

Problems encountered when using the wrong email banner size

Ever wondered what happens when you use an incorrect email banner size? Here are a few problems that occur in case a wrong banner size is used:

  • The email design gets distorted.
  • If the banner is too wide, it turns on the horizontal scrolling.
  • The user cannot comprehend the information or content of your email.

Common email banner size myths debunked

Over the years, the email banner size trends have evolved, and here are some of the most common myths that email marketers usually believe.

1. The evergreen 600 pixels rule

Back when most people used Microsoft Outlook, the monitors were 1024 pixels, due to which the marketers could not design banners wider than 600 pixels. That is how the 600 pixels rule came into the picture.

But times have changed, and today's typical desktop screen resolutions are around 1920x1080 pixels. So why not push your boundaries and create that wow factor? There are many feature-rich graphic design software where you can cope with the task easily.

2. Height doesn't matter

Most of the email marketers are under the notion that if the banner has appropriate width, the height isn't relevant. But that's not the case.

The typical length of an email is somewhere between 1500 pixels to 2000 pixels. It is recommended that email banners do not exceed this range.

3. Decreased background colors

It is a popular belief that email service providers like Gmail and Outlook do not show the background color of the banners exceeding 640 pixels. However, that's not true. Most emails nowadays have email banners of up to 800 pixels where the background color shows perfectly.

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Ideal sizes for different types of email banners

3 Types of email banners

1. Email header size

Email header size dimensions for both desktops and mobile

The email header is the first thing your audience will notice as soon as they open your email. Ideally, there should be a vibrant and relevant background image, company logo, an important announcement of what the email is about, a call to action button. 

In the case of desktop screens, a width of around 650 pixels to 700 pixels is recommended, along with a height between 90 pixels to 200 pixels. In the case of mobile screens, the recommended width is around 350 pixels, and the height is around 100 pixels.

2. Link to your website

Remember to always add the link to your website in the banner images you are using so that the interested audience can check out your products. You can add a link to your product page directly so that the user can view your collection, or in case you are flaunting a particular product, you can directly add the link to the product page.

3. Email footer size

Email footer size dimenions for both desktops and mobiles

Also known as an email signature, the email footer is usually placed at the bottom of the email. It contains details like contact information, important links, social media icons, coupon codes, etc.

It plays a significant role in ensuring that your email is not in the spam folder. The standard width varies between 650-700 pixels and up to 150 pixels in height for desktop screens. The suggested width is around 350 pixels and height around hundred pixels for mobile screens.

4. Email body banner size

Email body banner size dimensions for both desktops and mobiles

As already evident by the name, this one appears within the body of the email. Gone are the days where people used to read long paragraphs of text. It's now time to use visually appealing banners to convey your message.

The suggested width for email body banners in the case of desktop screens is between 650- 700 pixels wide and 350-500 pixels high. For mobile screens, the recommended width is 350 pixels, and the height is 200 pixels.

Ideal email banner sizes: A Summary

Email template dimensions

As we have already established above, times are changing. People do not have enough time to wait for your email banners to load. They should be appropriately optimized.

You can always go ahead with a banner size other than 600 pixels but no matter what the size is, make sure to test your email before sending it to the recipients. You can always use email marketing software and other tools to do that.

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The primary reason behind following a particular standard in email templates is to make sure that it is being adequately displayed for mobile and desktop users.

If you want your email to fit any device, it must be responsive.

1. Email design width

The standard width, which has been recommended for years, is 600 pixels and is still considered the rule of thumb. 

The majority of email service providers offer templates of width up to 600 pixels by default even today. You can also go for 700-800 pixels wide templates, but do not forget to test them across the commonly used email clients.

2. Email design height

Regarding the height of your email template, there are no fixed size limitations as such, but there are a few best practices to follow:

  • Make sure to place the most critical information above the 350 pixels mark.
  • Keep your email message clean and precise.
  • Use the entire email space strategically where it is both eye-catching and informative at the same time.

Other important factors to focus on

Apart from the email header, footer, and template height and width, there is one more factor to consider: the dimensions of the content block.

The content block is the space where you can let your creativity flow freely and communicate with the recipients via images, videos, buttons, etc. We recommend you keep it understandable, engaging and include a clear call to action.

If you are using images in your email content and are hosting the images and linking them in your emails, the email size is not affected. The image size in pixels is up to you, but the minimum resolution recommended is 72dpi.

1. File size for email banners

The maximum file size of an email banner and email signature banner depends on the size restrictions of some popular email providers to some extent. Email services like Gmail or Yahoo Mail tend to clip messages after a particular size limit exceeds. However, it is essential to remember that it is not about the length of the email. If you are using only text in that email, it can go on and on.

For email banners, it is recommended to go for PNG files designed to a resolution of around 72dpi to look best even with 100% zoom. 

The size of the email banner should ideally not exceed 40kb to make sure that the additional space occupied by the email is kept minimal.

For email signatures, the ideal image size should not exceed 650 pixels wide, and the height should be between 90-150 pixels. Even though there are no height limits in this scenario, the reader doesn't want to keep scrolling through a long signature.

2. Email button size

There is no particular maximum width to be followed when it comes to buttons. The only requirement is to make sure that the button is contrasting the other elements so that it is visible easily, but it should complement the email design simultaneously.

It would be best to focus on the design and the size of the button to make it more noticeable and clickable.

3. Email banner width on mobile

With so many users using mobile devices today, you need to concentrate on your mobile audience and make sure the button and the email banner are clear and precise. The button should be big enough for the user to click it with their thumb while ensuring that no other element is being clicked.

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5 tips to create an impactful email promotional banner

Email banners can be a game-changer, especially if you follow these tips and tricks.

effective promotional banners - tips

1. Measure your images in pixels

This will help you get an overall idea regarding the total size of your email, making it easier to work according to the size restrictions.

2. Utilize maximum relevant elements in the banner content

Just make sure that you utilize all elements, including visual and textual content, background colors, images, call to action buttons, etc., to the best of our ability to create an on-brand, attractive banner. 

3. Go for prior testing

We always recommend testing your emails before sending them, especially when you use full-width banners or when they exceed 700 pixels. Figure out the email service providers mainly used by the audience and test the email so that you are sure it will look great to the reader.

4. Use email-friendly fonts

Fonts are a great way to be creative, but all email clients do not support a wide variety. Try to stick to the safe options so that the readers can view them as intended.

5. Use optimum characters per line

Crack the length of the text so that the banners do not look too wordy. The recommended characters per line are between 45 to 75, and it works for both desktop and mobile screens.

Email banner design examples

Let's have a quick look over some excellent email banner design examples to get you some inspiration.

1. Twitter

In this example, it is really easy to see what the email is about. The design is quite simple, but the subscribers have the opportunity to act on a clear CTA.

twitter email

2. Forever 21

This email is a perfect example to show how contrasting colors can work. There is also a menu for those interested in seeing something specific. The message is loud and clear, and the CTA button looks clickable simultaneously.

forever 21 email banner

3. KetoBakes

Doesn't this diet treat make you drool? This design can always be customized according to your requirements, but it does make you want to know more about the product.

keto bakes email banner

4. J. Crew

This particular banner has a menu with link to the website if the reader wants to explore more, along with an intriguing CTA.

j. crew email banner

5. Divvy

This email has socials on top. However, they blend well with the overall theme of the email. 

divvy email banner

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