What is Wix Email Marketing? Features, Pricing, and Comparisons [2023]

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April 11, 2023

With its powerful features and customizable templates, Wix allows businesses to have a strong presence online. The Wix website builder offers everything you can ask for, including a professional-grade infrastructure and business features with advanced SEO and marketing tools enabling anyone to create a strong online presence.

What is Wix Email Marketing?

Wix isn’t just a website builder; it also offers a tool that can revolutionize the way you do email marketing. The company’s built-in email marketing tool allows you to create engaging marketing campaigns

Ascend is the Wix email marketing tool that enables you to run email marketing campaigns that are easy to manage and track. It is an all-in-one tool that allows you to edit emails, analyze data, write additional text, and automate email campaigns. With Ascend, you can create and grow online through successful email marketing campaigns. 

Why are customers interested in Wix email marketing suite?

Email marketing is rapidly becoming more competitive, so you will have to offer something unique to attract your target audience. Wix email marketing allows you to create unique and engaging emails, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. 

Wix’s email marketing tool isn’t the only tool that can help you run an email campaign. However, it is preferred by many customers over other tools for several reasons. 

Here are some of the main reasons why customers are interested in this email marketing tool:

  • Wix offers beautifully designed email templates that can be edited easily. Customers can easily add text to the templates to make them more personalized. Instead of using a separate font generator for your writing to make it stand out, you can choose a font from the library.
  • Wix is ideal for running a handful of monthly email campaigns, which is why it is the perfect solution for small businesses. 
  • Wix’s email marketing tool Ascend costs a lot less than other popular marketing tools.
  • Ascend not only makes it possible for a business to run a successful email marketing campaign but also offers a live chat option. You can also benefit from Ascend’s video maker to give your social media posts a boost. 
  • You can customize the templates to add information about events and promotions, add an article from your blog, or share important statistics about a product. Ascend also lets you add images to the templates to make your emails stand out. 
  • If you want to create some great visuals and have some unique email content, you can use Adobe Express for some great features.

What features does Wix offer?

Wix provides a complete solution for both small and large businesses. It includes enterprise-grade infrastructure and various features like advanced SEO and website essentials. It offers all-in-one business solutions including email marketing, templates, automation, etc. 

Here are the key features that Wix offers its customers:

Features offered by Wix

1. Wix’s drag-and-drop email builder

Wix’s user-friendly editor makes it simple to customize emails according to your brand’s needs. It enables you to customize emails, change colors & fonts, and add images and videos to make your emails more engaging for your customers. 

With Wix’s email editor, you can start from scratch or edit the templates according to your preferences. Whether it’s your first email campaign or you are an experienced marketer, the tools and features of Wix’s email editor will make your job easier for you. 

2. Templates

You can’t run a successful campaign if your email doesn’t look professional. That’s why Ascend offers designer-made templates that can help you stand out. The template library is always expanding, so regardless of the type of business you run, you can find the right option for you. 

You will love the easily customizable templates. With Ascend’s templates, you can create and send all types of emails, including welcome emails and confirmation emails

3. Segmentation and personalization

Wix has a simple method of segmentation that allows you to create labels for your contacts. If you are using Ascend email marketing for your Wix website. In that case, you will get seamless integration, and all the contacts from your website will automatically be added to your email list

The contacts from the website will automatically have labels, so you will know where each customer is coming from. You will also have the option to assign labels to users yourself. Once the labels have been selected, you can make the most of them by selecting different actions. For example, you can easily identify and select the new users to send a welcome email or select the list of existing customers to send an article. 

Personalization tools, features, and services of Wix make it easy for you to add a human touch to your email marketing campaigns. You can use the following ways to personalize your email campaigns:

  • Personalize the subject lines
  • Add the first or last name of recipients in your emails 
  • Personlize email copy
  • Offer a personalized gift via emails
  • Personalize the images that you use in your emails 

4. A/B Testing

A/B testing enables marketers to experiment & analyze variables to determine which option is the better option with the help of the results. Currently, Wix does not offer A/B testing, but you can still track the progress of your emails. The features offered by Wix help you to figure out which link is being clicked by the users and which one is being ignored. 

5. Email Automation

Email marketing automation can make your life easier and improve your relationship with your target audience. Wix enables you to automate the business process, including sending reminders to the customers for abandoned carts, collecting invoices, and keeping your team informed about new tasks.  

The email automation tool of Wix allows you to analyze the email statistics to identify the overall email success rates. You can check email open rates, engagement rates, and bounce rates

Wix provides incredible automation tools to save time and money and avoid all manual tasks.

How’s Ascend by Wix’s email deliverability?

Businesses with a Wix site have reported that the email deliverability of Wix is quite good. Even on the free plan, you can get improved email deliverability which is better than the deliverability of various popular tools available for email campaigns. 

4 Best Wix email marketing apps integrations

A business site requires certain add-ons to increase traffic and sales. If you have a Wix site, you will have to look up which add-ons you can and cannot use with it. The good news is that your Wix site can seamlessly integrate with all the common apps. Here’s how you can benefit from Wix’s integration:

4 Best Wix email marketing app integrations


Wix's app integration: Mailmunch

Launching an email marketing campaign is better with Mailmunch. You can use Mailmunch to create engaging emails with a beautiful layout to convert your website visitor into long-run customers. Avail a long list of tools to create email campaigns and automate your business process. You can benefit from features like customizable email templates, autoresponders, email analytics, and lead generation forms and popups.

Mailmunch also lets you figure out which products and services are doing better. This will enable you to improve your email marketing strategy. The powerful tools of Mailmunch provide you an all-in-one email marketing kit.

You can integrate the Mailmunch Forms app with your Wix website to create your mailing list. The app works through popups and allows you to collect information needed to send out emails. 


Wix's app integration: Omnisend

If you want to customize your emails or SMS before sending them to the audience, then Omnisend is the app you should go for. You can connect it with your Wix site and boost sales with your customized SMS and emails. 


Wix's app integrations: Privy

Looking for SMS automation? Look no further than Privy. It enables you to send SMS to your customers to develop a connection with them, and Privy works well across all businesses. You can create catchy SMS and attract the attention of your audience in no time. 


Wix's app integration: AdRoll

AdRoll can run ads for you on over 500 networks, including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. If you have a Wix professional site, you can connect it with AdRoll to start bringing in more visitors and generating more leads. The integration is simple and can be set up even if you have zero coding knowledge. 

How’s Wix customer support? 

Customer support is not exceptional for users with a free plan. If you already have bought the premium plan, you will still get access to the same knowledge base that a user with a free plan can get. 

However, you can get VIP support if you subscribe to the unlimited plan. VIP support includes phone support and priority support, which means all of your questions will be answered immediately. You will also be able to resolve any problems quickly with the help of the support staff. 

You will have access to the help center to search your queries and related content within seconds. Browse articles for free and obtain the information needed to resolve an issue. The help center is easy to navigate and allows you to skip to the main content when needed. 

What price plans does Ascend by Wix offer?

If you build your site with Wix, you will get access to Ascend for free. This completely free plan allows you to send 5,000 emails per month. With this plan, you can also run three email campaigns, which will display with Wix branding. If you want to send more than 5,000 emails, you can choose one of the following paid plans:

1. Basic

With $12 a month, Wix’s basic plan lets you send 9,500 emails per month. You can avail the same features for $10 on a yearly plan. You can run 5 email campaigns if you are on the basic plan. Other features of the basic plan include up to 7 automation, a personalized chatbox, and 10,000 contacts. However, you can’t remove Wix ads with the basic plans. 

2. Professional

The professional plan lets you remove Wix ads and send 50,000 emails per month. You can run 20 campaigns per month with this plan and save 25,000 contacts. You will get up to 20 automation with this plan and a personalized chatbox. The professional plan will cost you $29 per month and $24 on the yearly plan. 

3. Unlimited

With the unlimited plan, you can run unlimited email campaigns per month. You will also get unlimited automation. You can send 1,000,000 emails with this plan and save 200,000 contacts. The unlimited plan is available for $59 per month and $49 on a yearly plan.  

Along with the features mentioned above, you will also get access to Wix’s video maker with your Ascend plan. The video maker comes with dedicated tools to help you make videos for your social media. You can also make social media posts with Ascend.

You can save money on the plans by choosing to pay annually. A premium plan does not include features like mailboxes and domains; you will have to pay for these features and all others separately. Each premium plan is valid for one site only, if you have multiple sites you will need to buy more premium plans for each site on your Wix account. 

A premium plan is renewed on an autopilot basis unless you have turned off the auto-renewal option on your Wix site. It avoids any unforeseen downtimes of your website. 

How does Ascend by Wix compare to other tools?

Before you choose a tool for your campaigns, it is important to compare their features. Here’s a comparison of Ascend with other email marketing tools:

Ascend by Wix Vs. Mailmunch



Mailmunch Ascend by Wix
Mailmunch is a web-based application Ascend has an iPhone, web-based and Android app.
Mailmunch has incredible features and provides 1,000+ templates to help customers with collecting leads, automated email campaigns, and generating long-run customers. Ascend has just a handful of templates
The Mailmunch pop-ups are user-friendly and you can integrate them with your website for great results. The templates are easy to use with their drag and drop option
It has great customer service. It provides incredible automation tools to improve brand awareness
Mailmunch provides video tutorials to make things easier for customers. Ascend also provides video tutorials to make things easier for customers.



Mailmunch Ascend by Wix
Mailmunch’s price starts from $13.99/month for an annual subscription and $19.99/month for a monthly subscription.
You can also calculate the price of your subscription depending on the size of your email list.
The basic month plan of Wix costs you $12/month for a monthly subscription and $10/month on a yearly basis. Its essential plan costs you $29/month for a monthly subscription, $24/month on a yearly subscription, whereas the unlimited plan is $59/month on a monthly subscription and $49/month for a yearly subscription


  • You can track the deliverability of both Mailmunch and Ascend using analytics.  

Ascend by Wix Vs. Mailchimp



Ascend by Wix Mailchimp
There are a decent number of responsive templates You can edit the templates as per business needs. Mailchimp has 100+ responsive templates and personalization options available.
You can edit the templates as per business needs. You can customize the templates.
Take your marketing game to the next level with features like A/B tests & customer insights. Mailchimp offers A/B testing.
Ascend by Wix does not offer advanced segmentation & reports. The advanced segmentation and reports allow the users to seamlessly organize the audience.
It has built-in SEO tools that help you index and optimize your site.



Ascend by Wix Mailchimp
Its fee plan comes with limited features. The free plan of Mailchimp has a handful of features.
The basic month plan of Wix costs you $12/month. Its essential plan costs you $29/month whereas the unlimited plan is $59/month. Mailchimp has three paid plans. For 10,000 contacts, the essentials will cost you $87 per month, standard at $115 per month, and premium at $299 per month.


  • You can track their email deliverability with reporting and analytics. 

Mailmunch Vs. Mailchimp



Mailmunch Mailchimp
Mailmuch is just a web-based platform. Mailchimp has web-based, iPhone, and Android applications
It is easy to use, you can quickly upload the plugin. It is complicated to use as compared to Mailmunch.
Provides engagement tracking, monitoring, analytics, and third-party integrations. You can integrate with third-party applications to get customer insights and analytics.
You can manage your emails and progress from your dashboard. It’s easier to manage email campaign from your dashboard.



Mailmunch Mailchimp
Mailmunch is much cheaper compared to Mailchimp. You can only benefit from all of Mailchimp’s features for your eCommerce store if you opt for the premium plan which will cost you $299/month.
You can get all of Mailmunch’s features at $13.99/month for an annual subscription and $19.99/month for a monthly subscription. If you are looking for features for at least 500 contacts, the essentials will cost you $11/month, standard start at $17/m & premium at $299/month.
Your cost will add up to the final invonice as you increase the number of the contacts.


  • Tracking the email deliverability of both tools is possible with reporting and analytics. 
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Which tool is the best for Wix email marketing?

Since 2006 wix.com Inc., has been a trusted name in the eCommerce world. It helps every customer create a website that will engage every visitor and lead to conversions. With Ascend, the company offers every account holder the opportunity to expand their eCommerce business with email marketing. However, Ascend is still lacking in many fields. 

If you want to manage email marketing on your Wix website, Mailmunch is a much better option for you than Ascend. However, Ascend can be a better option in the future, so it is important to keep an eye out for it. 

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